Picken Real Estate and Nightlife Brokerage are developing a Charity Event Hosting Program to benefit major charitable organizations based in Manhattan, the Hamptons and/or neighboring communities. Participating nightclubs agree to provide their facilities free of charge and play host to selected fund raising events. Picken Real Estate and Nightlife Brokerage will help secure the venue that perfectly fits event needs on a complimentary basis. Charities can apply resulting savings to their humanitarian services.

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Program services include location scouting, negotiating with nightclub management and obtaining commitments from the right premise for your benefit. The company will also provide public relations support for these events. We are currently seeking non-profit organizations for our premiere charity benefit. Alex Picken characterized the Charity Event Hosting Program as €œa give back service from Hamptons and Manhattan based nightclub, bar and restaurant community.€

Our premiere charity benefit will be selected by a random lottery drawing. We look forward to your submissions for this event.

If you are interested in our program, please fill out the following form and we will get back to you shortly:


All of the information we receive through this page is confidential. We respect your privacy. Thank you.

* Name of your orgasnization
* Your contact's name
* Your contact's email
* Your contact's phone number
* Your organization's mission
* A brief description of your organization's past events
* Approximate date of your next event
* Number of guests you need to accommodate
* A short statement of how you anticipate this benefit party will help your organization








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